Bluntly put, IT managers transfer to flash array storage for quick efficiency and reliability. However the programs differ extensively in lots of respects and the choice should be matched to the group’s wants. So how do you determine?


As one storage supervisor within the IT Central Station neighborhood put it: “Decide your present and future necessities by way of efficiency, capability scaling, software integration, storage effectivity, operational overhead,” then base the seller choice on that evaluation. “No vendor is ideal in each facet, so selected the seller based mostly in your necessities and check them.”

HPE’s 3PAR Flash Storage and NetApp’s AFF8000 All Flash FAS are on the high of the leaderboard for all-flash knowledge storage programs, in line with a February 2017 rating by IT Central Station, based mostly largely on consumer opinions. IT Central Station has produced an 11-page report that compares the 2 rival merchandise, based mostly on commentary written by enterprise customers concerning the strengths and weaknesses of every product.

Obtain the report, “Consumer Evaluations of HPE 3PAR Flash Storage and
NetApp All Flash FAS.”